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Where Are You Now

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Where are you now I

Where are you now III-2

Where are you now II

Where are you now iV

Skin: -Belleza- Elle

Base hair: **JOMO** etched hair 10

Hair: *Dura-Boy*43(Dark Brown)

Eyes: Corvus Human Eyes Iris

Scar on eye: Corvus – Eye Scar


Nails: – MoiMoi Nail Pack 1

Rings: ( R E D ) M I N T ~ Gift 08’11

Bracelets: Eclipse Art Studio – Sensation Bracelets White 

Dress: B BOS -Narni Dress-WHITE

BootsJD – Alstar Boots – Pink Suede

Forniture: StoraxTree – Autumn Alcove A – Cushion Text Change

Spend all your time waiting /For that second chance,
For a break that would make it okay.

There’s always some reason / To feel not good enough,
And it’s hard, at the end of the day.

I need some distraction, /Oh, beautiful release.
Memories seep from my veins.

Let me be empty, /Oh, and weightless, and maybe
I’ll find some peace tonight.

(Thank you Chrizz ♥)


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